Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Market Bags and a Potholder

In my daughters last couple of years in college, she lived in an apartment so she did her own grocery shopping. I bought some fabric that I knew she would love to make her some grocery bags. Well time went by and they didn't get made. Eventually she used some of the fabric to recover 2 bar stools and fill in a picture frame.  
When she got engaged to be married, I knew it was time to make those bags. However with wedding plans, I didn't get around to it right away. While she was away on her honeymoon, I finally got to sewing! This worked out great because I was able to include them in a basket of housewarming gifts.
Luckily there was enough fabric left from the bar stools and picture frame that I only had to do minimal piecing.
With the little bit of fabric that was leftover from the bags, I was able to make her a potholder.
I had just enough fabric to make the front of the potholder, so for the trim and the back, I used fabric from some of her clothes that she wore as a little girl. 

Her husband surprised her with the tea kettle, and some fun tea tea to go with it! It is just the cutest! He did good :)

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  1. Beautiful, such a thoughtful gift made with love. Loved the fabric for the bags, so bright and cheerful.