Friday, October 25, 2013


Our hibiscus really took off this summer. Actually it kind of grew wild. A couple of weeks ago Doc B trimmed them so we could bring the pots in for the winter. We stuck some of the trim in a vase thinking it would last only a couple of days or so.

To our surprise it still looks just as fresh as the day we brought them in. Even more to our surprise we have a bloom and it looks like several more to come.
It looks like they are rooting.
Although the plants are looking very tropical, it's not feeling very tropical. We decided it's time to take the chill off.


  1. To be able to enjoy a fire and hibiscus blooming at the same time, now that is Blessed!

  2. How pretty, I guess its happy to be in the house and is telling you that. And yes its getting chilly out, you can really tell the difference in the evening and the mornings.
    Nancy JO