Thursday, October 17, 2013

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round button chicken

I know why my son and daughter-in-law call her Peach. She's as pretty as a peach and as sweet as one too.
Our son and his family were here for a few days. Our son is doing an oral surgery residency, so they don't get to come often. We have been there a few times but it has been over a year since they have been here.
Banks and the boys got to do a little squirrel hunting. They didn't seem to mind at all that it isn't deer season yet. They killed 9 and I'll have to say they were delicious!!
We all got to go to mass together :)
An added bonus, our son and daughter-in-law went on a little get away of their own for a couple of days and we got to keep the children! Talk about happy :)
The boys got to have a horseback riding lesson.

 had to add my own to {pretty, happy, sweetest, funny, real} :)
{funny and happy}
Peach wanted me to hold her alot (the happy part :))
One morning we were going upstairs and when we got to the top I said "Whew" and then she said "Whew." haha
Our time went by all too fast :(


  1. OH how cute! So nice for you that they were able to come. We have four Grand Daughters and it is fun. Nice pictures.
    Nancy Jo

  2. Of course, a peach needs gentle care! ;). What a happy visit!