Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dinner Party for a Very Special Occasion

We hosted a dinner party honoring our dear friend's daughter on the occasion of her reception into the convent. We were blessed with beautiful weather and had a lovely evening.
As you can see we had a large crowd, 44 to be exact! I had tables set up all over the house and outside. We cooked all of the food ourselves except for the cake which we got from a local gluten free bakery. Our family is paleo, with 2 daughters who are gluten intolerant. We wanted a meal our girls could enjoy without having to have a separate meal. On the menu was salad with a mixture of dark green lettuces, strawberries, almonds, and feta with an ume plume vinegar, honey, and avocado oil salad dressing. My husband smoked a prime rib and we served a sour cream (ok so it wasn't totally paleo :), horseradish and chive sauce to go with it. We also served roasted sweet potatoes, with balsamic and rosemary and sliced fresh tomatoes from a local farmer with a dill, lemon, and parsley marinade. Unfortunately with a sit down meal for 44 guests I did not get a picture of the prepared plates...boo!
The cake, which our family also enjoyed as a non-paleo treat.
Ad Jesum Per Mariam
To Jesus Through Mary
Deo Gratias
Thanks be to God!

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