Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our Own Little Trip

While our girls were at camp, Doc B and I had our own little trip. We had such a wonderful time. We decided that America is so beautiful, who needs to travel abroad. There is more right here in our own country than we ever realized. We even liked our trip better than a cruise. We had no schedule. We ate when we wanted and took trips at our leisure. Our time together was blessed as well as our girls week at camp. The first part of the week we spent in New Hampshire. Neither one of us had ever been and we were both very surprised and amazed by its beauty!
We didn't realize when we planned our trip that we were actually in a popular tourist area. However, we chose instead to go the back roads and were very glad that we did. We saw the most lush, gorgeous gardens, including veggies and fruits as well as flowers. I would have thought with their cold winter weather that wouldn't be possible. I guess though they don't have the scorching heat and drought that we do which usually kills our gardens here in the south by mid summer.
Love the laundry hanging in the background...just like me :)
My husband loved the hotbeds (like a greenhouse in the ground) you see in the background here.
We assume they heat with wood since most houses had large stacks close by.
Just had to get a pic of these goats. Not sure why since we have had dairy goats of our own. Maybe that's why, I think they're actually cute :)
We've never had sheep though.

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