Thursday, August 22, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

My husband and I traded phones sometime back. A couple of years ago one of our sons was going into the military and the new phone he had just gotten wouldn't stay charged very long. My mother heart worried about that in case he were in situations where he wasn't able to charge his phone. Soooo since my contract was the next one up in the family and happened to be at the time, I said "sweet boy, just go get you a new one on my contract and I'll take that one". Well then it wasn't long and our other son was having trouble with his phone. He was fixing to begin an oral surgery residency and I knew he would need a reliable phone. My mother heart once again went into emotional overdrive. I said, "sweet boy, take my phone and I'll just start using my old one again." Soon after my old one started acting up and frequently wouldn't work. So my contract at this time was just newly renewed by my military boy and mom was stuck with a new contract but an old phone that wasn't working. Sooo now sweet Doc B, who in the meantime renewed his contract with a new phone, said "honey, so you won't be without a phone, I'll trade with you." Since we no longer have a land line I took him up on that. He was able to take parts of my old phone and parts of another old phone and make it work...most of the time :s poor sweet guy that husband of mine.
This was his phone, now my new one:

One day I was looking on eBay at Cath Kidston anything and saw the most gorgeous phone covers. They were $35-$40 I think or something like that. Too much :(
So one day, my daughter and I were in T.J. Maxx and I saw Cath Kidston phone covers for $7.99!! Now I own one :)
My used new phone now looks like this:

Much prettier, and much more feminine!

I homeschooled our younger girls until the spring when our oldest little was in the 4th grade. They began going to a small school that is composed of (both teachers and students) our Latin Mass community families and members. It is like homeschooling without homeschooling. It is truly a miracle in the midst of the bible belt. I revel in the goodness of God every time I think about it. It is just such a miracle that I get goosebumps. It is very traditional with prayer throughout the day. I get tears every time I am there for whatever reason watching our little school in action and in holiness. It is truly beautiful. Today is the 1st day back after our summer break.

I was at my mother's helping her go through old stuff. When I came across this:
my old P.E. uniform from high school, I laughed out loud. Definitely belongs in the vintage category.
I wish I could say my kitchen always looked like this:

 but truth is it doesn't. We cook 3 home cooked meals a day with REAL food. I barely get cleaned up from the one meal before its time to cook for the next meal. It seems to me that cooking is a lost art. I know so many families that don't cook anymore, even an evening family meal. SO sad. I'm sure those magazine kitchens are one such kitchen. Waayyy too clean. So even though my kitchen is always a mess, it is a fresh mess, since we do as I said cook everything fresh 3 times a day. That doesn't even include any snacks, which are frequent and at least once a day. This is what my kitchen usually looks like:

round button chicken


  1. What a fun {PHFR} to read. The P.E. uniform is a hoot! We attend the TLM. It would be nice if there were a school here associated with it. My daughter is kitchen helper this month, exclaimed as she headed to the sink to do yet another load of dishes, "You'd think 9 people live here and eat all day!!"

    3-2-1 Party

  2. You have a beautiful kitchen. I am sure it looks pretty even with a little mess on it! God bless

  3. Oh I love that phone cover!

    I wish we had a small school here composed of church families. That is such a blessing!