Thursday, August 29, 2013

Maine by the Sea

The last couple of days of our trip we decided to go to Maine. We loved Maine as much as New Hampshire. It was just as beautiful with gorgeous gardens and quaint little cottages all along the Maine seacoast and little inlets.
Notice that cute little dog looking out of the door window. He had probably never seen someone drive by take a picture of his house :)
We stayed at the most charming hotel. It was an old hotel that had been remodeled and kept beautiful through the years. It actually had locks on the doors, not the newer kind where you use the little card. There was NO t.v. either which we didn't miss at all, especially since we don't have t.v. at home anyway.

The best part of all, I felt so clean!! Usually in hotels I get a yucky dirty feeling (and we are very careful where we stay). There was even this hanging in the bathroom...all GREEN clean too!
The little garden outside our window.
And what would Maine be without lobster. We ate at Mabels...twice! It was soo good the first night, we decided to go back again the second night. It wasn't anything fancy, just good simple REAL food. Like lobster and fresh vegetables. No fluffy fillers.
All too soon, it came to an end,
a very beautiful end.

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