Thursday, September 19, 2013

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Since spring the hummingbirds have kept me busy filling 4 feeders. At times I could see about 20-25 hummers buzzing out my window. A few days I wore a bright pink almost red shirt and was afraid I would get zoomed :)
There are 3 flying around this feeder:

 They also enjoyed the Rose of Sharon
 and the hibiscus.
We read that the males migrate 1st, then the females and lastly the now grownup babies. They have really slowed down now so we are thinking at least the males have left.
Last week our sailor son became an officer. It was definitely an answer to one of the most prayed for prayers of my mother heart!
The Real part is that he was enlisted for 2 years before that and was deployed to the Persian Gulf on a ship that swept for mines.

 If that isn't real enough, our daughter-in-law started OT school thinking that our son would be back and forth between the Persian Gulf and the states for at least a couple of years giving her time to finish school. Thankfully he's not on the minesweeper anymore but she is halfway through school now and so once again they are apart. One is on the Atlantic coast, the other on the Pacific coast. Boo! Poor things have been apart more than they have been together in their year and 9 months of marriage. Once she finishes school though they will have the sweetest of marriages :) They may, before this is all over, have the record for the most honeymoons ;))
We throw fruit and veggie scraps in our garden skipping the composting step. We just let it compost right in the garden. Frequently we get plants from the seeds that were randomly tossed in. It's actually exciting to see what comes up that we didn't plan. At first we thought this
was going to be a kabocha winter squash, but it turned out to be a pumpkin.


  1. I so want a hummingbird feeder! Congrats on answered prayer! God is GOOD! A pumpkin in season!? Bears repeating- Yes, God is GOOD!

  2. That is so wonderful for your son! I pray that they can see the graces and gifts that God showers on them even in being apart.

  3. I'm having hummingbird envy right now. :) How special to get to see so many of them!

    Congrats to your son on his accomplishments!

  4. Mom B,
    Those little tiny birds are amazing aren't they? They always come back too.
    Wonderful news about your son, and what a good looking man he is. I bet you will all be glad when the couple can be together again.
    Nancy Jo