Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Small Space Gardening

We used to live on 160 acres out in the country. Our garden was about 2/3 of an acre, so pretty good sized. In addition to numerous vegetables, it included apple and peach trees and blueberry, blackberry and strawberry plants. It used to keep us very busy in the summer, not only the gardening but also canning and dehydrating. I was actually pretty happy when the first frost came :)
We have since moved to 10 acres, most of which are wooded. So this summer came the challenge of small space gardening. We did pretty well our first summer.
Our local coffee shop gets their coffee beans in large burlap bags. They were more than happy to give me a couple. Doc B used wire to make a basket stand for them. He placed the bags inside, filled them with good soil, and poked a few holes. Then we planted all around as well as the top. You can see we even had space for more.

My basil did better in this vertical garden than it ever did in the herb garden on the farm.
We also have this small space that already had great soil in it. It yielded quite a bit. This pic is from a couple of weeks ago. Last evening, Doc B tilled it and planted our fall garden.

We have mint growing in this barrel.

We also have rosemary growing in several pots.

When we moved here, there was already thyme growing in the cottage garden inside the picket fence.

There was also a tiny bit of lavender growing in the cottage garden inside the picket fence. Doc B planted a little more in a rock garden on the side of the ridge.

We hope one day to have a small fruit orchard on this hill.
You can see where Doc B has already started moving rocks for a rose garden. Slowly but surely...


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