Monday, September 9, 2013

Vintage Fan

I found this fan in a closet at my grandmother's house. I knew right away it was a pinterest-y fan and that my daughter would love it.
She was moving from her little dollhouse carriage house into a bigger place in a few months. She said she wanted it but didn't have room for it until she moved. So in the meantime I put it in my bathroom and LOVED it! I always get so hot when I shower and get dressed and this was perfect. I would blow it right on me when drying my hair and sometimes, depending on how hot I was, while putting my make-up on. It was just what I needed :)
So in June this summer she moved to her new place. I sadly asked her if she was ready for the fan I promised her. She :(
So I kept my promise and gave it to her (I'm actually proud she has my grandmother's fan :). I sure did miss it though especially since it was very much in the heat of the summer here. I searched a few antique stores with no luck of finding another one. My grandmothers was in mint condition and I wanted one just like hers! I continued my search for a couple of months and then Doc B said why don't you just look on E-Bay. (I think he was afraid I might find some other 'have-to-haves' while in antique stores and shopping on E-Bay would keep my shopping limited to just a fan ;)
So I started the search engine and found this:
It is a little smaller than my grandmothers which actually is perfect for me. I am thrilled with my find and it is taking me right through our upper 90 degree weather!


  1. YAY! Vintage is COOL! Fan pun intended! I am putting your blog on my reading list!

  2. Hi Doc Mom,
    That is a good find, and the same color right? Those older fans always seem to work better, we used to have one, I would put it on the kitchen counter when the kitchen got to hot.
    Nancy Jo

  3. Mother B,

    What a blessing for your daughter to have her great-grandmother's fan. Very nice of you to keep your word. I'm glad that you were able to find one for your own. I have several lamps of my grandmother's and I treasure them dearly!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.


  4. Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog! It's been fun to hop over here to yours and look around. Your header picture is gorgeous - so peaceful! :)

    I love that fan; what a neat find!