Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Paleo Traveling

In the past when traveling, I have cooked for a month ahead of time, freezing food for my girls. Then, when the time comes for our trip, I pack it all in an ice chest.  While we travel we have to keep getting fresh ice, stay where we are sure there is a refrigerator, etc... you get the picture. If we were traveling by air, I would check the ice chest like luggage. I would have enough packed for 2 girls for a week or longer depending on the length of our trip. In the beginning stage of gut healing, the girls followed the SCD. Meeting their food needs during this time was very stressful and nerve wracking in general, and definitely took the fun out of vacation.
This summer the girls went to camp. I didn't want to have to go through all that again especially since their guts seem to be doing well and they are no longer following the SCD. Plus an ice chest with pre-frozen food is probably not all that tasty, not to mention they are older and realize other people don't eat like we do :s Our whole family is Paleo now and I decided it was time for a new travel plan.
So this time I loaded the suitcase with these:

These provided them with protein and some snacks. Then I told them they could eat whatever salads, vegetables and fruits they were serving at camp. I think this was probably a lot more appetizing for them and worked great for me!
They were definitely happy campers!!

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